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Alpaca Blankets - Softer than Cashmere & Warmer than Lambswool Blankets

Alpaca is a uniquely elegant fiber usually used in luxury brand items. More lightweight than cashmere, but 4 times warmer than traditional sheep wool, alpaca wool is celebrated by the textile industry as one of the most eco-friendly, luxurious and high quality fibers. In addition to being widely used for alpaca scarves and other clothing accessories, alpaca fleece is also woven into blankets and stunning alpaca throws.Each 100% alpaca blanket features a signature natural sheen and with over 22 natural colors, the alpaca fur is one of the most versatile textiles available.

Alpaca’s board range of 22 natural colors provides the artisans with a palette of colors for unique designs. These colors come in different shades of white, fawn, brown, grey, black and many in-between colors. These design options translate into inspiring patterns that make for beautiful alpaca blankets and throws. The ability to blend and experiment with the different colors makes alpaca fleece one of the most unique materials. Its waterproof attributes set the fabric apart from others and guarantees the longevity and durability of each piece.

The Stansborough Alpaca Blanket – A Step above the Rest

Usually you will see Peru alpaca blankets but Alpaca Blankets is proud to be an authorized North American distributor of the world-renown Stansborough Farm in New Zealand. Famous for their high quality lambswool blankets, they raise a flock of alpacas that are selectively bred to produce the softest, silkiest fleece fabric. The Stansborough alpaca herd is fed nothing but organic field greens throughout their life, with absolutely no exposure to pesticides or chemicals. Due to their meticulous care of this flock, Stansborough alpaca products are organic, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and undeniably luxurious.

Once shorn, the wool is then spun while the final product is weaved on 19th century handlooms and hand finished with excellent individual artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail without the use of synthetic materials or chemical dyes. The result is an alpaca blanket unsurpassed in quality or craftsmanship. It is no wonder that these soft, lightweight blankets and throws have become the go-to alternative to traditional lambswool blankets as well as cashmere baby blankets. Stansborough alpaca fleece products are so sought after they have been used by top fashion designers as well as major Hollywood films including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Waterhorse and others.

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