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Luxury Alpaca Blankets: The Practical Alternative to Merino & Mohair Blankets

Believe it or not, the alpaca is an animal that offers much more than meets the eye. For millennia, these beautiful creatures have been prized for their fur, which is used to create a variety of practical garments and textiles, including luxury crib bedding (link to baby page). At Alpaca Blankets, all of our blankets provide more warmth than wool due to semi-hollow alpaca hair fibers that are lighter than cashmere. The durability of this substance ensures it will last long after other blankets and clothes have become frayed and worn, making it a superior alternative to cashmere, mohair and merino blankets.

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Wool and Angora Mohair Snow Blanket Wool & Angora Mohair Blankets, Beautiful Snow Blanket Oversize King / Queen, All Natural

Our "Heirloom Keepsake" top of the line 'Eco-Friendly' king and queen Snow Blankets contain a blend of luxurious New Zealand Wool and Angora Mohair fibers, produced with precision artisan craftsmanship including hand finishing.

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If you’re looking for a sturdy, comfortable covering for your bed or couch the alpaca blanket is a gorgeous addition and you will be amazed at how warm they will keep you at night. The smooth texture and soft, springy material of alpaca fur provides a significant upgrade to typical wool or artificial textile blankets. So whether you are looking for alpaca baby blankets or a durable alternative to mohair blankets, alpaca blankets are the best choice.

All our alpaca products are 100% natural, harvested painlessly and treated with all organic dyes. Some of our blankets are Peruvian alpaca blankets, and others are organic-fed alpacas from the Stansborough herd in New Zealand. This is the same group that Warner Bros. themselves commissions for movie sets like Lord of the Rings. With virtually no impact on the environment and a variety of unique colors and designs, our alpaca blankets are soft as silk and even waterproof.

We offer free USA shipping on all orders over $25 as well as offer wholesale pricing for companies interested in bulk purchases. Order your alpaca blanket today and enjoy the high quality and long-lasting durability that alpaca products offer.