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Alpaca, Baby Alpaca & Silk Scarves: The Softer Alternative to Cashmere Scarves

Over the past decade, alpaca fleece has grown in popularity as a durable luxury textile. From runways and major motion pictures to your very own closet, alpaca scarves are now available in an array of beautiful colors and styles. Alpaca scarves for women and men are offered and in most cases, scarves are unisex with complementary color schemes and styles. Alpaca Blankets provides high quality scarves at affordable prices ranging from luxury dress to the more casual with exciting colors and designs. More than mere llama scarves, all of our alpaca scarves are hand crafted by Peruvian and New Zealand artisans. These artists are the world’s premiere alpaca fleece producers. They hand make everything throughout the entire process, from designing the alpaca scarf to weaving the yarn. This thorough and careful process is reflected in the quality of the beautiful scarves they create.

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100% Baby Alpaca Jeremy Scarves are Warmer and more Durable than Cashmere 100% Baby Alpaca Jeremy Scarves are Warmer and more Durable than Cashmere

This beautiful luxury, soft and silky, Jeremy scarf is created from 100% Baby Alpaca with unbelievable softness, durable and 'Eco-Friendly' and hypoallergenic. Alpaca fiber has absolutely "no itch" as can be experienced with wool fabrics. Each scarf is produced on a hand loom, hand finished with excellent individual care and attention to detail. Choose from a broad color pallet.

List Price $59.00
Today's Price $39.00
Your Savings: $20.00
100% Premium Baby Alpaca Scarves, Arrow Jacquard Scarf is more Durable than Cashmere 100% Premium Baby Alpaca Scarves, Arrow Jacquard Scarf is more Durable than Cashmere

Our beautiful Arrow Jacquard scarves in 100% Premium Baby Alpaca, containing no synthetics or chemical dyes. This scarf is larger than average, both in width and length at 17.72" W x 78.74" L

List Price $89.00
Todays Price $59.00
Your Savings: $30.00
Premium Baby Alpaca & Silk Border Stole Premium Baby Alpaca & Silk Border Stole

This beautiful Border Stole is made from 70% hypoallergenic Premium Baby Alpaca and 30% Silk.  The stole is not only ultra silky soft with a beautiful design but will compliment an entire wardrobe selection.  Contains no synthetics or chemical dyes.

List Price $105.00
Todays Price $75.00
Your Savings: $30.00


About the Alpaca Fleece Used to Make these Scarves

Alpaca naturally develop a single coat which lacks the roughness and itchiness that typically comes with wool or other animal fibers, thanks to the lack of “guard hairs.” This all natural fur coat is extremely soft, hypoallergenic and even water-repellant, all while our finished scarves are completely synthetic free and eco-friendly. In fact, alpaca fur has surpassed that of wool and cashmere, thanks to its amazing softness and resilience to the wear and tear that tradition animal fibers take. All this and more, make it the ideal material for an alpaca blanket or scarf that is both luxurious and functional.

The Upgraded Cashmere, Pashmina & Merino Scarf

Alpacas are the softer and eco-friendly alternative to cashmere and pashmina scarves making them a significant upgrade in comparison. In addition to their luxurious softer than cashmere feel, the Alpacas that contribute to making these scarves receive unsurpassed care. They graze on completely organic fields, where no chemicals are used. Then, after sheering, only organic dyes are used, when necessary, making the entire process eco-friendly and healthy for both the animals and the environment. So you will always know that your alpaca scarf is not only top quality, but also ecologically sound.

All of our Alpaca Scarves are designed to be both stylish and warm, all the while providing you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you own a piece of clothing that was made in a traditional manner, supporting artisans and creates the smallest carbon footprint possible to the environment. It’s not easy to always know where your products come from but rest assured these alpaca scarves are 100% natural and support a worthwhile company of artisans.

As an added bonus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $25 as well as offer wholesale prices for retailers looking to carry these luxurious designer Alpaca scarves.