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Baby Blanket of Alpaca with Satin Trim
Alpaca Baby Blanket Blend, Our Jessie Blankets are All Natural and Hypoallergenic
List Price $165.00
Today's Price $140.00
Your Savings: $25.00


Luxurious Baby blanket with an 'All Natural' blend of New Zealand soft and silky Alpaca, Lambswool and Merino.  Select from a broad color selection for your bundle of joy. more info
Luxurious Lambswool Baby Snow Blanket
Wool and Angora Mohair Blankets, Baby / Toddler Snow Blanket - Luxurious Blend, all Natural
List Price $249.00
Today's Price $195.00
Your Savings: $54.00

Our family of "Keepsake", top of the line 'Eco-Friendly', Satin Trimmed Baby Snow Blankets contain a blend of luxurious New Zealand Lambswool (90%) and Angora Mohair (10%) fibers. See the complete range of color combinations. more info
Knitted Baby Wrap
Wool Knitted Baby / Toddler Stroller Blanket
List Price $165.00
Today's Price $125.00
Close Out Price $99.00
Your Savings: $66.00

Knitted Baby Wrap of warm and soft brushed New Zealand Lambswool that's 'Eco-Friendly'.  Excellent for keeping your most prized possession warm and comfortable from the elements while walking in the baby stroller or baby carriage. more info
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